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Multi Head Shower Faucet Systems
with our exclusive powerful  “Orca” shower valve

Our pressure balanced shower faucets keep your water temperature constant, even when water is being used elsewhere in the home.
This keeps you and your family safe from scalding water, so you really can relax and enjoy your shower

Our Exclusive Orca shower faucet not only moves from left to right for temperature control
but also up and down for volume, creating a truly powerful shower.

These Shower Systems include Everything you need in One package


Orca Shower Faucets


Polaris ll Thermostatic Faucet

Shower Faucets


Firstmate ll Shower Faucet


Swordfish Shower Faucet

features our best selling
Giessdorf shower heads


Dolphin ll Shower Faucet


Please call for shipping
prices to Canada

An easy option for adding to our shower faucets making a complete tub and shower faucet system
or as a Replacement .
Standard 1/2”, easy to install
1/2” Copper set Screw. Mounts at the back end
Includes Tub Spout Back Escutcheon

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