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Sting Ray Rain Shower Head Combinations
Our Exclusive Designs... Fun for a Vacation Home or Anywhere Else

These shower heads are manufactured of Solid Brass
Featuring: 98 High Pressure Self Cleaning Rubber Spray Nozzles
Adjustable 10 inch Arm, Lowers or Raises Shower Head where you want it
Both Wings are fully adjustable. Move up or Down and rotate forward and back
Measures 9-1/2 inches Wide x 6 inches deep
Left Wing with shut off Valve, allows you to run one or both paddles
In Chrome or Brushed Nickel Finishes
Available With or Without Handheld Shower Head
Free Shipping with all Shower Head Systems

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 Sting Ray ll Shower Heads


Sting Ray Vl Shower Heads


Sting Ray Vll Shower Head

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